The Music

Ordinary Magic is psychedelic world/rock fusion for humans young and old. Positive vibes and lyrical magic, lush vocal harmonies, guitar playing to wake up screaming (in a good way) about, on fire electric fiddle, a whole lotta funky bass, wild and fine drumming, a wee bit of folk, something to dance to, a beautiful ballad, and a whole bunch of rockers sparkling with fairydust!

Lineup and Bios

Brenda Layne (guitar, vocals, synth) and Tommy Osuna (guitar, vocals)

Brenda Layne & Tommy Osuna of Ordinary Magic
Brenda Layne and Tommy Osuna at Hawaiian Brian’s

Brenda Layne and Tommy Osuna both grew up in California and were trained at the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, CA and at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.  They met on a blind date in 1997 and have been married and collaborating musically since 2000. On a visit to Hawaii, Brenda and Tommy were impressed by the tremendous love and appreciation for music shown by the people of the islands, so they decided to move there. Since moving to Hawaii, Brenda and Tommy have found an enthusiastic and growing audience for their music and are inspired daily by the culture and beauty of the islands.

The Ordinary Magic CD was Brenda and Tommy’s first release together and was many years in the making, click here for album credits.

For more info about about Tommy Osuna visit www.TommyOsuna.com

For more info about Brenda Layne visit www.BrendaLayne.com or click here.

Jerome James (drums)  

Jerome James
Jerome James with Ordinary Magic at Ward’s Rafters

With his infectious good humor and joyful presence, Jerome is a superstar of the Honolulu music and arts scene. Not only is he a highly-skilled professional musician (trained at the University of Hawaii and by his father, well-known drummer and educator Chuck James), he is also totally original and simply magic on stage. His delightful, spiritual aura pervades the atmosphere, infusing music with wonderfully unique and positive vibes. Chuck James says of Jerome, “He is a totally fun and loving person!… You will never have a dull moment with Jerome!”.

Lesley Kline (electric violin)

Lesley Kline
Lesley Kline with Ordinary Magic at Windward Rafters

Lesley Kline is a professional and adventurous musician with finesse, creativity, fine training and many years of experience. She started out as a classically trained violinist in her youth; and later, completed her professional training at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

A lover of the French language, art, and travel, Lesley visited Paris numerous times and eventually fell in with a Paris mariachi band known as El Mariachi Mezcal. For several years that followed she enjoyed a wild ride on the wave of French fascination with all things Mexican as a professional mariachi! Later on, while still in Paris, she had the opportunity to express her passion for bluegrass by playing bluegrass and Cajun music with the finest pickers in the city.

After a decade of playing in Paris and touring across Europe, Lesley longed for better weather and a less urban setting , so she set her course for Hawaiian shores. In Hawaii she found a strong demand for Irish fiddlers so, while continuing to express her passion for bluegrass, she delved into the Gaelic mysteries. Finally, Lesley added some rock – complete with distortion and wah pedals – to her repertoire.

With Roxotica, and now with Ordinary Magic, Lesley’s skills are on full display. She has reached the pinnacle of self-expression as a musician and the band offers her the chance to experiment and be as creative as she wishes. Her solos are on fire and seem effortless as she combines her diverse influences and her fine training into a singular personal style. Her solos sound fresh every time and she inspires and thrills audiences no matter how many times they have seen her before.

Brian von Ahsen (vocals)


Brian is a singer/songwriter based in Honolulu, Hawai‘i. In addition to singing and writing for Ordinary Magic, Brian is currently working on a new original album, which is being produced by Tommy Osuna.

Last year, Brian’s album “The Brian Show” was nominated for a Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award by the Hawai’i Academy of Recording Arts.

Brian began as a classically trained singer, studying voice at The University of Iowa. He sang baritone in the Universal Academy for Music’s Bicentennial National Choir which toured Europe and performed at such venues as Carnegie Hall, Independence Hall, Royal Albert Hall and Notre Dame Cathedral.

Since switching to folk and rock, Brian has performed in a wide variety of situations ranging from playing in a touring top 40 cover band on the US mainland, an original band of his own in Osaka, Japan (where he lived for 6 years), playing in the “Social Smokers” (regulars on the North Shore of Oahu) and performing his solo act at clubs, bars, coffee houses, and festivals in Hawaii and around the world.

For more info about Brian visit www.vonawesomemusic.com

Bob Hernandez (bass)


Bob has played for Bass 51 years following a simple theory, ” A Groove is a terrible thing to waste!” He is originally from Baltimore, MD and has lived in Hawaii since 1976. He has played with many fine musicians including Steve Morris, Fulton Toshombe, J.P. Smoketrain, Joe Cano, The Stylistics, The Manhattans, The Sherells, The Crystals, Adela Chu, Steve Lucas,  Kirk Thompson, Michael Paulo, Willie K, Chris Yeh, Geraldo Valdez and Miho Nobuzane to name a few.

For more information about Bob Hernandez, visit www.hernco.com


The Past and Future History of Ordinary Magic


Ordinary Magic began as a project of Brenda Layne and Tommy Osuna and first expanded to a band with the 2015-2016 lineup of: Brenda Layne on vocals, Tommy Osuna on guitar, Brett Martin on bass, Donovan Tyler on guitar, and Jerome James on drums.


In 2017, Tommy Osuna, Jerome James, Lesley Kline, and Mark Ransom started an eclectic world blues fusion band called Roxotica, which was very successful playing live around Oahu. Later in the year Mark Ransom left Roxotica to pursue other musical endeavors and was replaced by Bob Hernandez on bass. In 2018, Brenda Layne and Brian Von Ahsen joined the band on vocals. At that point Roxotica became the new Ordinary Magic.

 Coming Soon!

In addition to playing live gigs, Ordinary Magic is getting ready to expand the live show playing on location at a variety of spectacular outdoor locations in Hawaii while broadcasting live on the web. More live and studio recordings will be upcoming as well, so stay tuned!