Aloha! At our gig at the opening of the new Windward Rafters (amazing night – many thanks to all involved!) we announced that Roxotica will henceforth be known as….Ordinary Magic! We’ll be continuing and expanding our psychedelic world/rock fusion sound and the live experience of both bands under the Ordinary Magic name and we can’t wait to take you with us on the trip! Thanks to everyone for your continued support on our artistic journey! Upcoming are new recordings and many more gigs including new sonic and visual elements of all flavors! Much love and aloha! OM

Aloha family! Loads of news: We’re in the studio again recording our song “Double Rainbows”. Both Brenda Layne and Tommy Osuna of Ordinary Magic are now also members of the amazing exotic gypsy rock and blues fusion band Roxotica! We have gigs coming up with both bands. Our next gig is with Roxotica at Surf N Sea on the North Shore of Oahu, March 24, 2018 at 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM Finally, Brenda Layne is about to drop a new solo album, “Torch”, with original songs in the style of jazz standards from the Great American Songbook!

Thanks for following us and supporting us – stay tuned!

The Navigator

At last! Our new single The Navigator is available! Check it out …and tell all your friends! You can support us by purchasing this single, or our album, Ordinary Magic, by clicking here.

The Navigator is a song about the ancient Polynesian’s journey to Hawaii. The song conveys a dreamy vision of the sea and the journey, along with a respect for and cooperation with nature. Enjoy this cosmic acoustic folk/rock song from Hawaii co-written by Brenda Layne and Tommy Osuna -featuring a mandolin solo by Tommy! 

The beautiful painting for the cover art is by Marionette Taboniar, check her out at

Well friends, there have been delays at the factory and the record company (us, and also us). These are the joys of being independent artists -it’s all part of the fun! I think a lot of you can relate…. Meanwhile here’s an adorable picture of our dog, Katchina, listening to us write our new song called the The Reading – it’s a progressive rock song that chronicles the journey of the fool through the major arcana of the tarot!

Hey all, sometimes we go out in other guises, like superheroes! So come on up to the North Shore this weekend to see us play with James, Ransom, Kline, and Osuna * plus * special friends! There’ll be some blues, funk, rock, jazz, folk, fusion freakiness going on up there!

Saturday, October 22, 2016, 9pm – 11pm

Surf n Sea,62-595 Kam Hwy, Haleiwa, Oahu


Aloha! We’re back in the studio! It’s always fun working together playing music on a Sunday afternoon. We’re working with Demitri Marmash at Artemis Audio and it’s a pleasure working with him, he’s a world-class engineer and a wonderful person to be around. Mahalo Demitri!

Next up: some sessions with the incomparable Jerome James on drums.

Tommy’s keeping us all sounding groovy!

Tommy directing audio traffic.

Aloha Kākou!

We are working hard on the next phase of Ordinary Magic’s evolution! Here’s what we’re busy cooking up:

  • A multi-media show featuring live music, visuals, performance art, and many other surprises! The new OM Experience will take you on a complete journey engaging all of your senses in the wonderful world of OM.
  • A new album of original music written by Brenda Layne and Tommy Osuna featuring songs we’ve played live like The Navigator, Double Rainbows, Go Dog Go, and The Eagle, as well as some brand new songs and a few others emerging from the vaults.

Stay tuned for news and further announcements about gigs and other happenings.

Meanwhile, here’s a gallery of photos from our CD release party for you to enjoy!

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A hui hou! –OM