Ordinary Magic

Produced and Recorded by Tommy Osuna

All Lyrics written by Brenda Layne

Music written by Brenda Layne: Psychedelic Space, The Source, Invocation, United, Song for Robert, Ordinary Magic, Lullaby Island

Music written by Brenda Layne and Tommy Osuna: Bliss, Laugh at the Sky

Music written by Brenda Layne and Bennett Brandeis: Breathe

Recorded, Engineered, and Mixed by Tommy Osuna in Kailua, HI and Pine Mountain, CA

and with Tom Weir at Studio City Sound, Studio City, CA

Mastering by Larry Bentley

Vocals by Brenda Layne

All instruments played by Tommy Osuna except….

Keyboard Solo by Oliver Wakeman on Psychedelic Space

Keyboards by John “Spacemonk” Walsh on The Source and Ordinary Magic

Bass by John Piscatello on Bliss

Additional Backing Vocals by John “Spacemonk” Walsh on The Source

Mountain Dulcimer on Lullaby Island by Brenda Layne

Violin by Linling Hsu

Drums by Jason Clark on Bliss, Song for Robert, Breathe, and Psychedelic Space (until bridge)

Drums by Jerry Beller on Laugh at the Sky, Ordinary Magic, and Psychedelic Space (bridge on)

Drums by Jay Fitzgibbons on Invocation and United

Drums by Wolf Finn on The Source

Front Cover Painting and Lettering: Robbie Lofthouse at

Additional cover art: Moni Lofthouse

Cover finishing: Andrea Kipp

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