Psychedelic Space


Psychedelic Space


Awake, awake, the sleeping inner dancer

Arise, arise! Spin into the groove

Now open wide your spiritual eye

Gaze into the trip inside

Drink the music deep into you

Sound flowing in out and through you

Unleash the mind

Light spirit find focus on sound and sensation

All boundaries fade

Flow through the gate

Psychedelic Space


Aware, aware, be conscious ever after

Alive, alive! Shine bright as you move

Aflame with a compassionate heart

Light the world with healing art

Energize with tranquil mind

Higher purpose realized

Dance into now

One with the sound

Surfer on waves of creation

Thoughts meditate on endless space

Psychedelic Space


Reach out touch hands

Feel the connection

Realize nothing is separate

What a relief! Ahhh!