About Us


About Us

Ordinary Magic (OM) is a psychedelic progressive rock band based in Hawaii whose sound has elements of folk, pop, and electronica. The band’s music has been described as progressive, neo-classic rock that is mind-expanding, spiritual, and imaginative. 

The band is a project of multi-instrumentalist/vocalists Brenda Layne and Tommy Osuna, two Berklee College of Music trained musicians who originally hail from Southern California. Both Brenda and Tommy began playing guitar before the age of 10 and in addition to recording with OM, have released a number of solo albums. They have each won prestigious awards for their songwriting, such as the ASCAP Award for Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting (Brenda) and the John Lennon Songwriting Contest (Tommy). They are both accomplished in other, related areas. Tommy is an independent artists’ producer with a long discography. Brenda has written a PhD dissertation on the subject of the psychological effects of music lyrics. On a personal level, the two have been married for 23 years and counting.

For OM, Layne provides lead and backing vocals, keyboards, guitar, and mountain dulcimer. She has a soulful rock voice with energy and edge that can be equally soft and sweet when required. Osuna serves as producer, and plays lead guitar, keyboards, bass, percussion, mandolin and more. In the tradition of classic guitar heroes like Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix, Osuna’s guitar work has a unique identifiable sound, incredible energy and emotional depth.

Ordinary Magic’s music is heavily influenced by the work of classic and progressive rock artists, especially Led Zeppelin, Rush, Heart, Todd Rundgren, and Steven Wilson.

For more info on Brenda Layne and Tommy Osuna’s solo projects, visit Brenda or Tommy online. You can listen to their music on streaming services everywhere.