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Ordinary Magic

The full-length album Ordinary Magic (2016) explores themes of beauty, love, and the magic of everyday through the nearly lost art of the concept album. Notable contributors on the album include Oliver Wakeman (Yes), Jawn Star/Spacemonk (Player), and Jerry Beller (Mars Hollow).


Halloween is our favorite holiday and we all need more music to celebrate! So our new single should excite holiday revelers, and also, those who celebrate Halloween year-round. The song continues the lyrical exploration of Pagan themes woven throughout OM’s music. This is a direction OM intends to continue following in future releases.

The single “The Navigator” (2017) is a cosmic folk meditation on the Polynesian star navigators who were the first people to settle Hawaii. The song features a unique mandolin solo and a dreamy vibe throughout.

Souls for Sale

Ordinary Magic’s single “Souls for Sale” is a psychedelic reimagining of Tommy Osuna’s song by the same name, featured on his 2009 album Trippin (featuring the late, great Buddy Miles). The new lyrics reflecting on the nature of good and evil were inspired by the work of psychologist Philip Zimbardo (who famously conducted the Stanford Prison Experiment).