SnEptUne-Calligraphy-Lotus copy

Like a green apple goddess growing music vines that swirl above spinning

I’m musing wild and free

As colorful music fills up my mind with indescribable wonder

I feel fulfilled and happy

Floating over the world of things to do

In flight with heart and mind wide

Soaring into the clarity that washes clean

My mind is newborn

Now angels of light lift my desires

And I realize everything I see and all I feel is bliss

It’s all bliss


On this planet unique we are blessed indeed by awareness of wonders

We beasts get all gratis

We should be washing our feet when we touch the ground with respect for our mother

Earth flowing deep provides

Travelling into the years I learn that time is not a perfect straight line

We move into this flow of dreams like streams to seas to clouds then rain

Then we grow into trees that die and release and feed every being

Within this chaos there is

harmony and bliss

It’s all bliss

Like love’s first kiss

(Like love’s first kiss)

Seeds of Bliss

(Seeds of Bliss)

Grow in hearts purified

(Watered with willing gifts:

trust acceptance unqualified)

Seeds take root

(Seeds take root)

Bearing a fruit

(Bearing fruit,

nectar heals the soul and soothe)

All I taste all I feel is pure

(Senses clear: All I feel and taste is pure)

Joy of Life

Everything becoming Bliss, We are all becoming: Bliss

Everywhere is singing: Bliss, Listen: music growing Bliss

We are getting high on Bliss, Feel it in your body: Bliss

Let it fill your mind with Bliss, Feeding soul and spirit: Bliss

Now you are becoming Bliss, All is Bliss

Everything I see is Bliss, All I touch and feel is Bliss

There is harmony and Bliss, It’s all Bliss

SnEptUne-Calligraphy-Lotus copy